Date created: 1/10/2022      NEW WARZONE MAP = NEW DROPS!


In Warzone everybody loves taking the high ground right? This is a popular strategy in most combat scenarios (yes even IRL) and that’s why Peak is a great drop spot. Peak has the highest ground in Caldera, and also has plenty of loot to start the match strong. However, every popular drop usually has plenty of enemy teams dropping at the same time so be ready to fight!


Everybody loves vehicles in Warzone, especially helicopters and the new planes! These vehicles are always a popular choice at the beginning of the game, which is why Airfield is such a great spot. (ESPECIALLY BUSY IN PLUNDER!) Airfield typically has plenty of vehicles, contracts, money, and loot. This drop is a close contender to Peak, as it seems every game Airfield and Peak are ALWAYS packed with multiple teams! So be prepared to fight for your life when you drop for vehicles here.


Lots of buildings, loot, & contracts! Sounds just like downtown in Verdansk right? Capital is basically the downtown of Caldera, so as you would expect this drop is always poppin’. There’s not much open space at Capital, so if you like taking cover this might be a good drop for you! Resort is located right next to Capital, which can also be a strong choice for finding loot. Always listen for footsteps when you’re at Capital, your enemies could be in the building next door!


Well the name of this area is pretty self explanatory… Arsenal has lots & lots of weapons and loot! This area has plenty of buildings to loot, take cover, and stack up cash fast. Arsenal is on the north edge of the map and is less popular than Peak, Airfield, and Capital, so if you want a low-key area Arsenal is usually a solid option.


 This area reminds me a lot of Arsenal. There’s a lot of buildings, a good amount of loot, and less popular than many other areas of Caldera. Docks is another great option if you want a less intense drop but still want good loot. Depending on the path of the drop plane, this area might be a bit far, but is still a great option!


There’s another solid drop area that’s slept on quite a bit. SUB-PEN! This is a smaller area than the above options, but Sub-Pen usually has plenty of contracts and solid ground loot. Don’t sleep on this drop spot!