Our goal is to make loadouts simple & easy. As a Call of Duty player, it can be tough to find the best class-setups because every new game is coming out with more & more attachments. It seems like loadouts are getting more complicated… right?

Well it’s time we fix that.

Our purpose is to find the best loadouts in Call of Duty and put them all in one place. LOADIES.GG is that place.

We do all the gameplay testing (such as Time-To-Kill (TTK) measurements, recoil patterns, ADS speeds, Movement speeds, etc.) so you don’t have to! We do the work so you can have the fun.

Finding your own loadouts by just playing the game is natural and fun. In fact, we encourage that! But sometimes it’s faster to find a reliable class-setup online. We’re here to make that easier!


ADAM – Founder & Owner

Adam (AKA WuttaHoot) is a Call of Duty veteran & content creator on TikTok & YouTube

Favorite Video Games Include:

Halo Reach | COD Modern Warfare 2 | COD Black Ops 2 | COD Black Ops 3 | COD Modern Warfare (2019) | COD Warzone

Zarena – President

Zarena is a former NCAA athlete, CoD Zombies wanna-be professional, and a part-time PC wizard.

Favorite Video Games Include:

Crash Bandicoot | COD Black Ops 3 (Zombies) | COD Modern Warfare (2019) | COD Black Ops Cold War (Zombies)